at Cockermouth School


Our aim is to make learning stimulating and enjoyable, and our curriculum is both broad and balanced, designed to ensure all students maximise their full potential.

We believe that children learn best when:

  • they are happy
  • they are confident and understand what they are being asked to do
  • they are treated with respect
  • the school, classroom, learning opportunity is well ordered
  • there are a wide variety of learning opportunities and experiences
  • they are appropriately challenged
  • they work in a stimulating environment

Our staff are well qualified, dedicated and specialists in their subject area. They give of their time generously to personalise the learning experience for our students. If you require additional information, please speak to Mr Smith, Deputy Headteacher - Student Progress, at the school.

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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department aims to support all children with difficulties, whether they are learning, physical, sensory or emotional, allowing access to the curriculum and the full range of school activities.

Access to the curriculum, following Sen Support Plans drawn up between the student, parent and department, is achieved by support to students in mainstream classes, withdrawal to the department base for individual or small group work or following life-skills courses offered by the department. The department promotes social skills and confidence building through the daily provision of a staffed base at break and lunchtimes and an annual residential multi-activity experience.

The Learning Support Department encompasses the Strategically Resourced Provision for Autism (SRP) which draws students from beyond our normal catchment area, and caters for a small number of students up to a maximum of around 28. The whole department is based in a purpose built wing of the school building.

The philosophy of the provision is one of inclusion, as far as possible in mainstream curriculum, with support as appropriate. The existence of a purpose-built wing, however, recognises that students will need considerable access to this base. All staff in the department have been trained, following a course leading to a recognized specialist qualification in Autism.

Pupils who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities are particularly well supported and make strong progress. Pupils who receive support through the school’s resourced provision for pupils who have autism spectrum disorder make rapid progress, both academically and socially. The school is very successful in supporting these pupils to develop confidently in mainstream classes throughout the school.” (Ofsted 2018)

Strategically Resourced Provision for Autism

Click here to download a copy of the Strategically Resourced Provision document.

Our Head of Learning Support Department / Strategically Resourced Provision for Autism and SENco, Mrs Sarah Johnson, can be contacted by email or telephone 01900 898888

Personal Development

Personal Development is about the personal and social development of students. It is a vehicle through which we prepare our students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life now and in the future. Through our Personal Development programme we deliver four subjects – Religious Studies; Personal, Social, Health, Enterprise and Economic Education; Citizenship; and Careers Education. The result is a curriculum that explores the link between citizenship and world religions and teaches students how to be safe, healthy and happy.

It is taught as a discrete subject in all years and enriched by a programme of workshops and a variety of activities throughout the year. The Personal Development Department aims to offer an exciting, stimulating and thought provoking experience to all students. As well as opportunities to increase knowledge, great emphasis is placed on the development of skills such as critical thinking and enquiry, advocacy, empathy and participation.

At Key Stage 4 in addition to PD lessons, students are offered an opportunity to study Religious Studies to GCSE level. In this course we complete units of work in Philosophy and Applied Ethics. As philosophers students ponder ultimate questions about truth, the meaning of life and existence of God. As ethicists, they will investigate the dilemma of the modern world, such as the life and death issues and equality. Post 16, Year 12 and 13 students can follow AS/A level Religious Studies. This encompasses the specialism of Philosophy of Religion and Ethical Studies.

Sex and Relationship Education will be taught through PD. Parents are warmly invited to discuss our SRE curriculum with the Head of PD. Any parents wishing to exercise their right to withdraw their child from SRE should contact the Headteacher directly in writing.

For further information on our school curriculum please contact reception on Tel: 01900 898888 or Email: