About us
at Cockermouth School




Caterlink are specialist caterers within schools and colleges. Healthy eating is at the very heart of our approach to food. We wholeheartedly encourage balanced eating patterns within our schools. Investment in training and our policy of purchasing fresh, seasonal produce enables us to deliver exceptional value.

The Service

Our menus meet the government’s food based standards and are analysed by specialist nutritional software. They provide well-balanced, healthy choices ranging from full roast dinners to lighter lunch options served at our Grab & Go counters. All food is prepared and cooked fresh daily by our dedicated team of professionally qualified caterers. Our policy of buying locally endorses our fresh food policy and reduces food miles. Because we use fresh ingredients which are free from trans-fats, harmful additives and GM, we have been awarded the Silver Food For Life catering mark from the British Soil Association. www.sacert.org

Please click here to view examples of our weekly menus.

Drinks - We only sell drinks which comply with the food based standard. Our policy is to provide drinks with no additives, added sugar or synthetic sweeteners.

Value - Throughout the school year we have a range of loyalty cards that encourage students to eat healthilyy and make environmental choices while saving money. We also have regular introductory offers on new food items.

Theme Days - To enhance the lunchtime experience we stage monthly destination days which link into either the school curriculum or calendar events. These special days introduce the students to different foods from around the world. Click Here to see our Mexican theme day.

Pre-Order - We offer daily a chilled food pre-order which helps students avoid the queues and get the choices they really want. Please speak to the Catering Manager at school for further information.

Special Diets - We can cater for a wide variety of special diets, working closely with the student and parents to discuss specific requirements and what we can offer. For further information please contact the Catering Manager at school.

Food Safety

We have stringent food safety systems in place and our kitchens are inspected annually by the European Safety Bureau, an independent food safety and Health & Safety consultancy. Cumbria County Council are signed up to the national hygiene rating scheme and conduct inspections to review the following:

  • How hygienically the food is handled (safe food preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling & storage)
  • The condition of the structure of the premises (cleanliness, repair, layout, lighting & ventilation)
  • How food safety is managed and documented.

Our current food hygiene rating is 5 - Very Good, the highest that is attainable.

Cashless Catering

The school offer cashless catering to all students. The benefits of this system include reduced queuing time; students on free school meals remain anonymous; a reduction in the amount of cash in school, thus alleviating potential problems of loss, theft or bullying.

sQuid - This is our preferred method of payment. Parents set up a secure on-line account and credit money to the account as they choose. There are many extra benefits to using this system as it removes the need for students to carry cash at all, and ensures the students eat in school.  MmFkZjZ.jpg

Cash Loaders - There are three of these units located on the ground floor of the school that allow students to load up their account with credit. The system credits the coins or notes entered to their accounts and shows the total on screen. This can be done at any time during the day.